Fenix GL06/GL06-365 is a tactical flashlight that is specially designed for pocket pistols. The GL06 model fits universal Glock rails or Picatinny rails. The GL06-365 model fits SIG-Sauer P365/P365 XL and is applicable for SIG-Sauer P365, P365X, P365-380, P365XL, P365 SAS or any other type of firearm that shares the same rail size. Patented quick-release structure and dual tactical tail switches provide users with fast and easy operation. Max 600 lumens output and 140 meters beam distance can vastly improve the visibility and accuracy in shooting activities.

GL06/GL06-365 SIZE:61×28.15×23.5 / 2.40'' x 1.11'' x 0.93'' mm

GL06/GL06-365 WEIGHT: 69.1/69.4g  (including battery)

Battery Type : Included Fenix ARB-L16-700UP rechargeable Li-ion power battery

Product Features

  • 600 lumens maximum output, 140 meters bean distance.
  • A CREE XPL HI LED with a lifespan of 50000 hours.
  • Powered by one ARB-L16-700UP rechargeable Li-ion battery and compatible with the CR123A battery.
  • GL06 applies to the guns with both Glock universal rail and Picatinny rail.
  • GL06-365 applies to the SIG-Sauer P365、P365X、P365-380、P365XL、P365 SAS or any other type of guns that shares the same rail size.
  • Patented FENIX ultra-thin optical lens.
  • QD lever for quick install and detach.
  • Instant strobe.
  • Ambidextrous switching with dual tactical tail switch.
  • Made of durable A6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.



Fenix GL06/GL06-365 Frequently Asked Questions

    I. What is the LED model used in GL06/GL06-365 and can Fenix help me to replace the LED?

    A: It uses 1 CREE XPL HI LED with 50,000 hours of life; Fenix does not provide LED replacement service at the moment and does not recommend users to replace the LED by themselves, as it will affect the product performance and cause the risk of product damage.


    2.. What is the color temperature of GL06/GL06-365?

    A: The product light source is white light, color temperature 5000K.


    3.GL06/GL06-365 working voltage is how much?

    A: The working voltage range: 3.0V ~ 4.2V.


    4.GL06/GL06-365 can be charged? How long does it take to charge?

    A: GL06 comes standard with 1 ARB-L16-700UP rechargeable lithium-ion battery, the body does not support direct charging, the power indicator will light up red when charging, full blue light.


    5. How to install GL06?


    1、Please make sure your pistol rail belongs to Picatinny rail or Glock universal rail and choose the appropriate rail piece (the default installation is Glock universal rail piece), you can make the tactical light more suitable for your weapon by replacing the rail piece.

    2、Please open the quick release wrench, align the convex groove of the rail piece with the groove of the gun rail, make sure the position is correct and close the locking plate.

    3、If it appears too tight or too loose, you can use the tool to adjust the slider on the other side of the tactical light.


    6.My GL06/GL06-365 will automatically reduce the brightness after using for a while, why is that?

    A: There are two possible cases of automatic downshifting of GL06/GL06-365:

    1, temperature control downshift: tactical lights for a long time to work in high brightness will accumulate a lot of heat, in order to avoid the shell temperature is too high to affect the use of comfort, when the circuit detects that the temperature exceeds 55 ℃, the flashlight will automatically and gradually reduce the brightness.


    2. When the lamp detects that the battery voltage is too low, it will gradually and automatically reduce the current working gear; if the lamp detects that the battery voltage is lower than 3.2V, the main lamp will flash 3 times at a frequency of 3 Hz every 2 minutes to remind the user to charge the battery or replace it in time.


    7. my GL06/GL06-365 lights will flash abnormally when in use, why is this?

    A: The following are a few possible reasons for the abnormal flickering or failure to light up the lamps:

    Reason one: the battery is low, the lamps will flash lights to remind

    Solution: charge or replace the battery.


    Reason 2: The conductive contact surface/contact point of the luminaire or battery is dirty

    Solution: Clean the conductive contact surface or contact point with alcohol swab.


    If the above methods are not effective, please contact your dealer and follow the after-sales service terms and conditions for warranty.


    8.What type of battery can be used for GL06/GL06-365?

    A: It is recommended to use Fenix 16340 ARB-L16-700UP rechargeable lithium ion battery, which is compatible with CR123A battery for power supply. It is not recommended to use other lithium-ion batteries. The white light grade has certain requirements on the current voltage of the battery, and batteries with mismatched performance may cause the tactical light not to work properly.


    9. My GL06 needs repair, what should I do?

    A: 1, free replacement and free warranty: GL06 from the date of sale within 15 days, under normal use, product quality problems, customers can choose to replace the new product or repair services; beyond 15 days, from the date of sale within 5 years, under normal use, product quality problems, enjoy free repair services (rechargeable battery one-year warranty).

    2、Lifetime limited warranty: outside the free warranty period (including additional warranty period), the maintenance fee is based on the actual replacement of materials, no additional labor costs;

    3, warranty voucher: consumer warranty with proof of purchase and dealer contact, the dealer to provide services to consumers, our company will provide service support to dealers.