LR40R V2.0


Fenix LR40R is a high-performance rechargeable ultra-compact searching flashlight that combines spot-and floodlight. You can operate the light with one hand with a toggle and electronic switch combination. Catering for numerous outdoor and extreme environments, this light is an indispensable helper in cave exploring, searching and rescuing, as well as acting as a backup light for drivers.
6.89” x 3.23” x 2.17”/ 175 × 82 × 55 mm
29.7 oz/842.5 g(including battery)
Battery Type
using the battery pack that consists of 3 built-in 5000 mAh batteries

Product Features

Max 15000 lumens output and 900 meters ultra-long beam distance.

Luminus SFT70 LED and sixteen Lumileds HL2X LEDs.

Powered by battery pack that consists of 3 built-in 5000mAh batteries.

Compact body size for one-palm grip and convenient carry.

Rotary toggle switch and an electronic switch for easy operation.

Spotlight, floodlight and combined light modes to cover multiple lighting needs.

Intelligent brightness downshifting sensor to avoid high temperature at close-range lighting.

USB Type-C fast charging interface and USB Type-A discharging interface.



FAQs About Fenix LR40R V2.0 Flashlight

    Q1. What is the product positioning of LR40R V2.0? What are the key features of LR40R V2.0?

    A: Fenix LR40R V2.0 is a super bright spot-and-flood searching flashlight. Its key features include:

    1. Rotary toggle switch and an eletronic switch for single-handed operation.

    2. Spotlight, floodlight and combined modes for different lighting demands.

    3. USB Type-C fast charging port and USB-A discharging port.

    4. Compact size for one-handed grip and great protability.

    Q2. The LR40R V2.0 battery pack is consists of 3 built-in 5000mAh batteries, why is the nominal voltage 10.8V/5000mAh?

    A:For the purpose of meeting the product design of high performance and compact size at the same time, the battery pack of Fenix LR40R V2. is made of 3 built-in 5000mAh batteries that are connected in series.

    The voltage of the battery pack constructed from 3 batteries is not equal to the voltage of a single lithium battery. The battery pack features a higher voltage than a conventional battery pack while the capacity remains the same. The overall energy is still equal to that of 3 built-in 5000mAh batteries.

    Q3. How much has the battery capacity of LR40R V2.0 improved over LR40R?

    AThe capacity of 10.8V/5000mAh is equal to the capacity of 3.6V/15000mAh, so the battery pack capacity of LR40R V2.0 is equal to what is commonly referred to as 15000mAh, which means there is an improvement of approximately 25% in capacity compared to the LR40R.

    Q4. What kind of LEDs are used in LR40R V2.0? Does Fenix offer to replace LED?

    A: A Luminus SFT70 LED and 16 Lumileds HL2X LEDs; with a lifespan of 50000 hours.

    Fenix does not provide LED replacement services for the time being, and users are not recommended to replace the LEDs independently, which may affect product performance and cause product damage.

    Q5. What is the color temperature of LR40R V2.0?

    A: The color temperature of LR40R V2.0 is around 6000K.

    Q6. What is the working voltage of LR40R V2.0?

    A: 7.5V - 12.6V.

    Q7. Is LR40R V2.0 rechargeable? How long is the charging time?

    A: LR40R V2.0 is rechargeable. The USB Type-C fast charging port supports QC2.0 and PD2.0 fast charging protocols. The charging time is about 4 hours from depleted to fully charged.

    Q8. How to prevent accidentally activate the LR40R V2.0?

    A: Lock: rotate the toggle switch pointer to “” to lock the flashlight. With the light locked, the flashlight cannot be turned on/off with the switch.

    Unlock: rotate the toggle switch pointer away from the “” to unlock the flashlight. With the light unlocked, press and hold the switch for 0.5 s to switch on/off the flashlight.

    Q9. Why does the LR40R V2.0 downshift to a lower mode after being used for a while and the higher mode cannot be selected?

    A: There are two reasons:

    1. Intelligent Overheat Protection

    The lamp will accumulate a lot of heat when used at relatively high output levels for extended periods. When the lamp reaches a temperature of 60°C or above, the lamp will automatically step down a few lumens to reduce the temperature.

    2. Low-voltage Warning

    When the voltage level drops below the preset level, the headlamp is programmed to downshift to a lower brightness level until Low output is reached.

    Q10. Why does the LR40R V2.0 happen to flicker?

    A: The reasons that may cause the lamp to flicker, shine intermittently or even fail to illuminate:

    A: Low battery.

    Solution: Recharge the flashlight.

    B: The contact point or contact of the battery or flashlight is dirty.

    Solution: Clean the contact points with a cotton swab soaked in rubbing alcohol.

    If the above methods don't work, please contact the distributor.

    Q11. What should I do when the LR40R V2.0 needs repair?

    A: 1. 15-day replacement: Fenix will replace identical or equal products with documented manufacturing defects within 15 days of purchase.

    2. 2-year free repair: Fenix will repair a light free of charge within 2 years of purchase if problems develop with normal use.

    3. Lifetime maintenance: If repair is required after 2 years from the date of purchase, Fenix will charge for parts. The total repair fee is dictated by the cost of the replaced materials.

    4. Warranty certificate: Please keep the warranty card in contacting the authorized distributors for after-sale maintenance, Fenix will provide service support to the distributors.