Without innovation, there is no vitality

As a benchmark enterprise in the lighting industry, Fenixlight enterprise regards product innovation as the source of enterprise development. Since its establishment, it has introduced high-tech talents, equipment and funds, made solid investment in innovation research and development, and unremittingly explored and innovated. At present, Fenix has applied for more than 100 patents, which not only improves the performance of lighting products It provides a strong technical support, but also provides a continuous power for the development of enterprises.

A New Type Of Lens

An Led Lighting Module

A Flash Bomb

Gear Control Method,Device And Lighting System Ⅰ

Gear Control Method, Device And Lighting System Ⅱ

Gear Control Method, Device And Lighting System Ⅲ

Lighting Control Circuit And Lighting Device

Lighting Device Suitable For Outdoor Sports

Reflector And Lamps

Condenser Lens And Lamps