APF System

Innovative APF Technology System

Make Super Tactical Flashlight

Fenix's innovatively developed APF Technology System* uses a single layer to achieve simultaneous transmission of working current and signals control, completely breaking the shackles of the tactical flashlight by the tail switch, while still achieving the tactical requirements and applications for flashlights, such as small size, high brightness, and anti-interference.

  • Brightness bottleneck breakthrough
  • Smaller light size and more battery compatibility
  • Multifunctional combination
  • Anti-interference

* The APF (Advanced Pulse-frequency Transmission System) was developed by Fenix Laboratory for producing better flashlights. This has allowed the abandonment of the traditional development by breaking through the technology bottleneck, allowing the flashlight with a tail switch to achieve a higher level of performance.

Constant current circuit and non-constant current circuit

Fenix products use two kinds of circuits, one is constant current circuit, the other is non constant current circuit

Constant current circuit

It refers to that in the process of using the flashlight, through the intelligent adjustment of the circuit, the flashlight always keeps stable light output. Our designers have developed excellent constant current circuit, leading the industry in photoelectric conversion efficiency, so that the limited electric energy can be converted into light energy to keep the brightness stable, providing continuous protection for your journey.

Non constant current circuit

It refers to that with the consumption of battery power, the light output of the flashlight is gradually reduced, so as to ensure more durable service