Fenix Vehicle Emergency Flashlight Won the RED DOT AWARD 2022


Fenix was a winner of this years RED DOT AWARD: DESIGN CONCEPT, the world-renowned design prize. The winning product, Vehicle Emergency Flashlight, won in the design concept. In 2005, the Red Dot design award recognized the need to identify and celebrate new design concepts and innovations, the precursor of today's design challenges and tomorrows great product.

Fenix vehicle emergency flashlight is designed based on self-rescue and seeking help after escape in such critical scenarios, it is small in size but powerful in performance. Featuring a seatbelt cutter and a tungsten steel window breaker for escape during accidents and emergencies. The red warning light and magnetic lighting function can call for help after the escape. This life-saving flashlight is essential for anyone with a car or truck.

In search of good design - the Red Dot Design Award is one of the worlds largest design competitions. The Red Dot Label has become established internationally as one of the most sought-after marks of quality for good design. We are honored that we could receive the seal of quality from the Red Dot Design Award.

Fenix will keep on lighting for extremes and work hard to create each product with ingenuity.