Fenix Launches BC26R, Remarkable Bicycle Light Seems To Illuminate For Ever


Fenixlight Limited, a professional provider of mobile lighting tools for more than 20 years in the lighting industry, introduced Fenix BC26R, an ultra-bright rechargeable bicycle light that offers up to 1,600 lumens and features 65 hours maximum runtime (50 lumens), for high-intensity and long-distance cycling users.


1600-lumen powerful performance

The advanced LED produces a maximum output of 1,600 lumens of powerful light with 169 meters long-distance beam, bathing the road ahead in light. You can ride freely across mountains, roads, trails, and the yet to be discovered.

100° wide-angle floodlight

The 100° wide beam greatly expands the illumination angle. Therefore, you can see clearly when turning corners with no dark spots and are capable of making a left or right evasive move when encountering the obstacle or turn.

Lasting power for 500-Kilometer cycling

USB Type-C charging

A USB Type-C charging port allows for 2A direct charging, the newly included 21700 battery with a large 5000mAh capacity can provide up to 65 hours (50-lumen mode) of lighting for long-distance cycling, and an astonishing 18 hours of runtime (200-lumen mode), which will support 500 kilometers on a single charge if you ride 6 hours (20-30km/h) a day.

About Fenix

Fenix has more than 20 years of experience making reliable and durable mobile lighting products including high-performance flashlights, headlamps, bicycle lights and camping lanterns. Since 2012, the company has launched the very first bicycle light, and today offers over 10 bicycle front lights and taillights covering broad scene lighting solutions for road cycling, mounting cycling, city commuting, long-distance racing and leisure cycling tour.

2012    Fenix BT10 / The very first bicycle light launched

2013    Fenix BT20 - ISPO Award Gold Winner

2015    Fenix BC30R / The first bicycle light with OLED display screen - ISPO Award Gold Winner

2018    Fenix BC25R / The first bicycle light with cut-off line facula launched

2020    Fenix BC30 V2.0 / The first bicycle light with smart wireless control launched

2021    Fenix BC26R / The bicycle light with ultra-long runtime launched