Fenix Store Sponsors Professional Angler, Josh Jones


Fenix Store is proud to sponsor Josh Jones, 2020 American Crappie Trail National Champion and 2020 Angler of the Year!  


11/1/2021 - Fenix Store announced a new sponsorship of Josh Jones. This sponsorship will support Josh’s growing angling career and social media influence.


Josh Jones is a well known fishing guide, social media influencer, and competitive fisherman.  Josh is the 2020 American crappie trail National Champion and also the 2020 Angler of the year.  He has won numerous events in the 2 years he has fished competitively.  

He has made a living hunting down and catching exceptionally large fish from crappie, bass, and even catfish, but his real passion is in the deer woods targeting whitetails with a bow and arrow.  A few other sponsors of Josh’s include, Dobyn’s Rods, 6th Sense Fishing, Waterland Optics, and Mainer Ford.


With our new sponsorship with Josh, Fenix-Store.com will be providing him with high-performance lighting tools to use in his fishing and hunting adventures.  Scott will have access to the full suite of Fenix flashlights, Fenix headlamps, Fenix lanterns, and Fenix accessories.  We are excited to see Fenix products in the hands of an experienced outdoorsman like Josh!


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