Fenix PD40R V2.0 - 3000 lumen, Rotary Switch, 21700 , TypeC

2020-11-24 Lock

Hello everyone, with this review today we will see one of the latest torches born in the Fenix house: we will talk about the Fenix PD40R v2.0: single LED tactical flashlight equipped with a rotating mechanical switch.

Packaging and content:
The Fenix PD40R v2.0 arrives in a colored cardboard box with all the main characteristics of the product imprinted on it. The package includes:
• "PD40R V2.0" Flashlight
• 21700 Lion Battery (ARB-L21-5000mAh)
• USB Type-C Charging Cable
• Nylon Holster
• Lanyard
• Spare O-Ring
• User manual
• Warranty Card

Main Features
• 3000 Lumen max output
• Rotary Switch
• LUMINUS SST70 LED - 50,000 hours
• 21700 and 18650 battery compatible with AFL-18 Adapter
• Outputs
o Turbo - 3000 lumens/2.4 hours/1328 ft.
o High - 1000 Lumens/3.1 hours/754 ft.
o Med - 350 Lumens/8.3 hours/449 ft.
o Low - 30 Lumens/88.1 hours/147 ft.
o Strobe - 2500 Lumen
• Battery level indicator
• USB Type-C charging
• Free from magnetic field interference
• IP68 Waterproof Rating
• Titanium coated body clip
• Compact size
• Anti-slip and anti roll body design
• Battery Included: Fenix ARB-L21 5000 mAh Rechargeable Battery (21700 Size)
• Reverse polarity protection
• Boot-up battery level indication
• Length: 138 mm
• Head Diameter: 33.2mm
• Body Diameter: 26mm
• Weight: 117g (Excluding battery)
Output Levels and Runtime
The Fenix PD40R v2.0 has an innovative rotary switch that allows you to quickly and precisely select the desired level. The outputs are well spaced and divided as follows:
Turbo: 3000 lm (measured 3080 lm) – 2h40min
High: 1000 lm (measured 1150 lm) – 3h10min
Med: 350 lm (measured 380 lm) – 8h30min
Low: 30 lm (measured 30 lm) – 88h10min
Strobo: 2500 lm (measured 2650 lm)

It is equipped with a practical and handy rotary switch that allows the selection of the output level quickly and precisely. Unlike the rotary switches seen on other flashlights, this one by Fenix is mechanical and non-magnetic: in this way electromagnetic interference is avoided which could compromise the correct operation of precision instruments that are nearby such as compasses or GPS .
The body and materials

The Fenix PD40R v2.0 is a 3000 lumen tactical flashlight powered by a 21700.

The PD40R v2.0 has a Luminus SST70 Cool White LED with a maximum brightness of 40567 candles with a throw of 405 meters. The reflector is deep, smooth and mirror polished. The Bezel is laced, particularly protruding. The lens is thick and with anti-reflective anti-scratch treatment.

Just below the rotary switch is the Type-C charging port well protected by a thick knurled rubber cap. Using a good charger, a full battery charge will take about 4 hours.

Near the USB port there is a small colored status LED that provides information on the remaining capacity of the cell or on the progress of charging.
Each time the flashlight is turned on, the status LED will light for three seconds based on the remaining charge:
• Green light: charge between 100% and 85%
• Flashing green light: charge between 85% and 50%
• Red light: charge between 50% and 25%
• Flashing red light: charge between 25% and 1%

Managing the output is very simple. By rotating the rotary switch, it is possible to move from one level to another according to the order: OFF-Low-Med-High-Turbo-Strobo.
The build quality is excellent. The sensation in the hand is of absolute solidity and robustness. You immediately perceive that the product is of quality. The thicknesses are abundant.
For the rotation of the switch you have to make a fair force, but you can also use the thumb and forefinger of the same hand with which you hold the flashlight.
The Fenix PD40R in hand is very firm. The rotary switch is easily detectable and usable even in total darkness or if you wear thick gloves.

The knurling guarantees excellent grip even with damp or wet hands. The lettering is well done, without any smudging.

The threads are anodized (therefore the physical lock-out of the interface is possible) and arrive well lubricated. At the positive pole we find a series of gold-plated contacts, while at the negative pole a robust spring.

A performing 21700 5000mAh battery is supplied.

The tailcap is not flat but still allows tailstanding. There are also two large ovens for inserting the laynard.

The Fenix PD40R v2.0 is water resistant and is submersible up to 2 meters deep (IP68 certified) also the impact resistance is given up to 1 in height.
The belt clip is in steel and titanium plated, quite long and rigid.

The nylon holster is well made, the extraction and insertion of the torch is comfortable even with one hand.

The Fenix PD40R v2.0 also has an active thermal control that allows you to adjust the output if the flashlight reaches critical levels, and a control on the low-Voltage which will decrease the output without however turning off the light (as long as the battery will still have capacity residual).

Beam, Tint and Beamshots
The beam of the Fenix PD40R v2.0 has a good shot but it is also wide enough to illuminate well nearby. The tint is cool but not excessive, clean and uniform over the whole beam. There are no strange artifacts on the beam or on the tint.
Following some shots in the dark ...

Beamshots #1

Beamshots #2

Beamshots #3

Beamshots #4

Beamshots #5

The Fenix PD40R v2.0 is an ideal multifunction tactical flashlight for different scenarios. Thanks to the innovative level selection system, it allows you to manage the interface in a very simple way.
The materials are of high quality, the thicknesses are abundant and in the hand it gives a good feeling of strength.
The tint is cool, not very cold, it makes colors well even in nature. The regulation is excellent.
The beam is well focused, but not excessively. Lighting at 200-300mt distance is not a problem at all. The 40kcd declared are all there, as well as the 3000 lumen at Turbo, albeit in the very first minutes of ignition.
This product has particularly pleased me, everything is treated in detail. Rich and complete packaging. Definitely to be recommended!
Thanks for reading.