Last year, we selected PD36R as our protagonist in our global evaluation activities, and received a lot of professional or innovative quality evaluation content from all over the world. So in response to the enthusiasm of Fenix fans, this year our event has arrived as scheduled.

The product participating in the "Global Evaluation" event this year is TK11TAC, a tactical star product of the year from Fenix 2020.

Speaking of TK11TAC, we have to mention the APF system pioneered by Fenix. The APF (Advanced Pulse-Frequency Transmission System) was developed by Fenix laboratory, a major technology breakthrough of flashlight industry. Allowing the tactical flashlight achieve a higher level of performance:
1.Take light to the extreme. Traditional forward switches are limited by current, and it is difficult to achieve brightness above 2200 lumens. In the age of 21700 batteries gradually expanding, 3000 lumens tactical flashlights are almost impossible; while the flashlight using APF technology can.
2.Make the functional tail cap simpler. Traditional multi-function tail cap needs to achieve functional through the double-layer body or additional channels ; and the flashlight using APF technology offering a strong reliable flashlight in simple structure, we talking about single layer body if specifically.
3. The Anti-magnetic interference ability is based on mechanical switches, much reliable than the Hall effect switches. The advantage of TK11 TAC mechanical switch is based on point 2.

In summary, this system greatly improves the performance of the flashlight, can extend the lighting time, and allows users to make better use of the flashlight. The TK11TAC is the first tactical flashlight to apply this new technology. Its not as good as action, so hurry up and sign up for our "Global Assessment" event now!

Registration method: Follow the official Fenix account for more detailed information.