Zheng Junyue

Zheng Junyue

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A dream-seeker who experiences livelihood by participating in the cross-country race, a girl from Sichuan who both own quiet and active characters.

2019 Challenge-Taiwan - Runner-up

Columbia 168 Ultra-Trail Challenge Chongli 2019 - Women's Runner-up

2019 Chengdu Trail 100+ - Champion

Columbia 168 Ultra-Trail Challenge Chongli 2020 - Fourth place

2020 Chengdu Trail 100+ - Champion

She is always different from other people.

As a designer, Junyue has an active mind to things, the same in the running. With a heavy interest in fitness, the first race she took part in is a half-marathon race but nobody will know that the running experience of her is only on the treadmill of the gym before.

After finished the half-marathon, Junyue starts to focus on the outdoor cross-country race, does not like the most other people who begin to try the full marathon immediately.  On the process of the outdoor race, Junyue falls in love with the beauty and scenery, it seems like she has found herself in childhood.

Although with the experience of half-marathon already,  Junyue still kept a dream to finish the full marathon race in her heart. One year later, Junyue went back to the race of full marathon. It’s so coincident that the date of the Chengdu marathon race opening is the 30th birthday of Junyue, so she considered this race which nears her hometown as a gift for her birthday. Due to the training in the cross-country race, it’s easy for Junyue to complete the race though this is the first time she participated in the full marathon race.

Not satisfied with both the flat racing track on the highway and only participating in the domestic cross-country race, she fixed her sight up to the Alps mountain far away.

Changing to be a giant

Not long after finished the super cross-country race in Gaoligong Yunnan, Junyue had gone up to the racing track of TOT DRET, which is 130 km long and was called “the travel of little giant” because it owns both the same racing track and holding time with the famous TDG giant super cross-country race.  TOT had been held for many years but till 8 years ago there appeared some Chinese players because it’s very hard to finish with the high intension and the short race time.

During the race, Junyue has been hopeless and exhausted many times for the bad difficult environment such as many blocks, cliffs, gravels and meadows. But the stubborn character supported her to insist and finish the race as the champion in the age group.

Sharp on triathlon

The steps to cross-country race are just like the yarns to tailor the wedding dress in hand,  Junyue enjoyed both of them. She starts to go to challenge 226 of the triathlon race on Taidong after saying goodbye to the honor of the champion in TOT.

The challenge 226 has a full 226km racing track, every participator needs to finish the swimming(3.8km), biking(180km), running(42.2km) total in 3 subjects to content the champion at last.

It’s an exam not only about the speed of swimming, biking, or running but also about the wisdom of change which is just like the change from a designer to be a player in the identity of Junyue.  She enjoying and loving all of these.

“On the process of biking, I fell over due to the bad bike just in the time past 9 minutes to the end, and at the meantime, my friend black bear are entangled to help me stand up or record this ridiculous scenery by taking a photo.”This is the words Junyue shared on her Moments of Wechat after the race,  with the expression of her humor and easiness to the accident during the race.

Run with the sports clothing or the wedding dress and Qipao designed by herself wearing on the body, Junyue enjoys the happiness brought by running. “It’s running makes me be a runner who is sunshine, outgoing, and optimistic for everything now from a little girl who is pessimistic and panicky when meeting the pressure of work and life. I want to deliver this change to more people and make them join us and enjoy the fun and change comes from running.”Junyue said.

——Zheng Junyue

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