Liu Jia

Liu Jia

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Liu Jia, a cave explorer, a member of the Cave Research Group from the Geology Association of China, owns the first level qualification of IRATA in England and the pioneer of cave exploring in China. She has owned the experience of cave exploring for 14 years up to now.

Start: from a financial white-collar worker to be a cave explorer

It’s not me choose the cave exploring but the cave exploring choose me and I accept, that’s all.

Jia wasn’t addicted to the cave exploring at first, she was a financial worker with a normal life just like everyone.
It began with the National Day festival in 2003, Jia went to the Shennongjia for hiking and in second year’s New Year’s Day, she began to cave exploring the first time. It was scary for Jia when she was in the cave for the first time and she was also afraid of the terrible image from her mind. But the scarier she felt the more desire she owned, after explored in the dark cave many times, Jia overcame the fear and was inspired by the attraction of the unknown.

Obsessed: it’s not an “insistence” for me to explore cave for 14 years
I have never felt that I was insistent to explore the cave or I was forced to do that, everything is natural, and from my love in heart, I missed it if I didn’t go to explore the cave.
It’s more than 1000 caves that Jia has explored from 2004 by now. Except for China, the steps of Jia have been involved in the whole world, France, Japan is included.

Future: Hope there are enough caves to explore
Recent years, Jia has never stopped the steps to explore, also participated in many large-scale cave exploring activities, she appeared in every exploring activities to keep her hobby forever.

——Liu Jia

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