Yu Lei

Yu Lei

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Yu Lei, trail runner, founder of Lei trail running competition, Chinese member of International Trail Running Association, Vice Chairman of Dalian Mountaineering Association, Top Ten Outstanding Youth, Golden Rhino Award, Top Ten Chinese Marathon winners.
The first Chinese runner to complete the Giant Journey in 2012!
In 2014, successively completed HK100, UTMF and UTMB to become the Chinese with the highest UTWT points that year!
In 2016, the three major competitions of UTMB, 4KVDA and TDG were completed back to back, creating a world trail running miracle!
2017-2019 is the only Chinese runner who has participated and completed the World Cross Country Championship three times in a row!
In 2017, he founded the cross-country race in the old revolutionary base: China Luxi Yuhuang Mountain Cross-Country Race.
In 2017, he founded the first 100-mile cross-country race in East China: China Huangshan Super Cross-Country Race.
In 2018, he founded a cross-country competition with the theme of the Great Wall: Beijing Ring Great Wall International Cross-Country Challenge.
Take the lead in introducing UTMB points and ITRA registration certification to mainland China.
Introduced the world's oldest Western United States 100 Qualifiers to mainland China.
Be the first to become the representative of ITRA China and be re-elected until 2023.
It will be my life's career to promote the development of trail running events in China.

——Yu Lei

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