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Review (Fastview) : FENIX E35UE —by Trevi_lux,

Publish Time:2014-04-17



MODEL: E35 Ultimate Edition
BATTERY: 1×18650 / 2xcr123a (Not allowed 2×16340)
MODES: BURST MODE (900,momentary) + LOW/MID/HIGH
INTEREST: fenixlight / fenixlinternas


The new Fenix E35 Ultimate Edition is a powerful and compact 1×18650. There are great improvements over the previous model E35: the high mode increases from 225 lumens to 360 lumens, plus there is a momentary BURST mode of 900 lumens (lumens Fenix quality). Length is increased 14mm, and now head design offers better heat dissipation (required for Burst mode) and offers features Anti-roll.
Compare here some features of compact Fenix 18650:

We are in the most economical Fenix segment, but the features and quality we are first-rate.
The blister package is the typical range For serie E; Information technical data, flashlight viewed from outside, there is also one Oring, Lanyard, user manual and warranty card.

This is not the most compact 1×18650, but very light, comfortable in hand, powerful, a good candidate of EDC Flashlight. I compare here with my other 18650.


The flashlight is split into 2 parts, near the Tail seems to have another section that would give us access to the rear spring, but it has been impossible to open (maybe glued). The knurling in the center section offers a medium-high grip, finish has no imperfections.

The material and design of the side switch fenix, allows us easy use with fine, medium thickness gloves.

The design improvements, now is the best heat dissipation and acquire anti-roll feature. Square threads are perfectly anodized (a quarter turn and have already locked). There are springs at both poles, allowing the use of protected batteries quality.


The Led “XM-L2 U2” is perfectly centered, with smooth reflector. Head diameter 24mm, the reflector may be 20mm, projection is relatively Floody, but the range is enough to throw 164 meters with the Burst mode. Tint is cold, but not excessively. I compare here with the PD35 (colder) and the PD12 (Neutral).No strange artifacts on the beam, very nice to look. Perfect for short and medium range, capable of long range in Burst mode.

(second half, compare beam PD35 – E35UE)


With the flashlight off: Push the switch for 0.5 second to turn the light on. 
To turn off the flashlight: Push the switch for about 0.5 second. 
With the flashlight on or off: Push the switch an hold for one second to activate Burst mode ( you must hold), when the switch is released, flashlight returns the previous status (off or previous mode).
To change between normal modes: press the switch for LOW>MID>HIGH>LOW…., There are memory.


The low mode is useful (not too low, not too much upset darkness), Medium is the perfect way for a 1×18650 —- twelve hours, enough for a whole night of walking. The high, 360 lumens enough for general outdoor, as we shall see in the graph, has an impressive control over 3hours 30 minutes. Fenix offers a time of 3 hours High, I tested with 3400mA battery brand (keepower) and the result is great. Maybe Fenix have tested with 2600mA or 3100mA…

I stopped the test after 4 hours, the flashlight is still in low mode (10 lumens), I measured the battery voltage 3.29V (I think there are still a lot of time with 10 lumens)


*PROS: *
- Quality; threads, anodized, beam, ….. all materials are top quality. 
- The distribution of modes is very successful, I love it. The Burst mode momentary, is a good choice in a relative pocket EDC. 
- I like the equilibrated tint. 
- Good size compatibility with 18650 quality protected batteries.
- Good price for the quality offered by this brand.

- Perhaps holster and Clip would be desirable ( but is the serie“E” of fenix, it must be hold the price low)
- Not very important, but I prefer to operate the Burst mode without a very small moment of “off” (when Burst is activated with the flashlight on)

Thanks to all for read, sorry my english Tongue

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