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Fenix New LD22 Review-----By Jason

Publish Time:2014-04-08


I bought this to replace my first High Powered light (the Fenix LD20) for a few reasons. The first and main reason is the memory feature. Out of the 4 brightness levels, whichever one you choose it will REMEMBER that brightness level when you turn it on or off. My LD20 did not have that and with the older LD20 you had to cycle through using multiple presses of the SAME button (the power button) which was the main thing I did not like about that light.


In this newer version of the LD20 (called the LD22G2), Fenix has fixed this issue by having a separate button to change brightness levels and one for power on / off (which you can also hold in with a half press for a temporarily tactical on). This in my research makes the Fenix LD22G2 the easiest light to use for any age and is also easier to use it in an emergency situation.


When I was researching similar lights you had to do things like twist the head back and forth, or use the on and off button to cycle through brightness levels or even had to also worrying about 'programming' the light if you wanted to have a different brightness level by a combination of power button presses and twisting the head of the  flashlight. Fenix has kept the cycling of the brightness levels simple with one button to cycle through and by pressing and holding the cycle button for a few seconds to access Strobe and SOS modes. One reviewer asked why you would want strobe mode first and thought that SOS would be better to have first.

There is a good reason Fenix chose to have Strobe before SOS. In a situation where you are walking and maybe could be attacked by a person or even an animal you want fast and easy access to the STROBE mode. When you are under pressure of an attack time and easy of use is of the essence and this is why I am sure Fenix chose to put the Strobe Mode first.


The build quality is great and solid even though there is not much weight to the light. This light is IPX-8 certified which means it can withstand being under 6.4 feet / 2m of water (for 30 min I believe it is). This is also impact resistant up to 3.2 feet / 1m as well. Although I do not think one light can fits everyone's needs, mine was to get a light that runs on AA batteries which can be found almost anywhere (and even internationally), one that is fairly bright, not too big, has memory and also has some lower light settings. A lot of people get too caught up in 'what is the max brightness' and do not think 'what is the lower settings of the lights'? Depending on your needs having a lower range is good for things like inside a tent, reading a book, using in a bedroom to get clothes out of dresser without waking spouse up, etc.

This light has a nice low and higher end of Lumens at 3/50/105/215 settings. Around the house 50 or 105 is plenty and the 215 setting is great in a bigger area for use around your property, camping, hiking, etc.


I think Fenix did great job with this light and I think anyone who needs a great all around light that can go with you anywhere on easily found AA batteries will not be disappointed!



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