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Fenix HP01 Headlamp —by Ryan Van Leuven

Publish Time:2014-03-19

Recently my friends at Fenix, sent me one of their newest headlamps to try out, the new Fenix HP01. When I first got the headlamp, I couldn’t wait to try it out, as my other Fenix lights are awesome. Unfortunately, being in Michigan, with one of our snowiest winters on record, I didn’t feel I could do a fair review when the snow makes night seem almost daylight out. Not to mention temps in the teens for weeks on end. 

Luckily we finally got a break in the weather and I got a chance to get the light out. And all I can say it WOW! It is brighter than any handheld flashlight I own. At 210 lumens, and a nice mix between spot light and fill, it easily lit up 50 yards in front of me yet still gave enough ambient light in the area around me that I could easily see in my peripheral. the light features an aluminum chassis to dissipate heat faster and hold up to more abuse. 

The Fenix HP01 is a little different than the headlamps I am used to. It runs on two AA batteries which actually are housed on the rear of the lamp. At first I thought this may feel bulky but it actually balances it out nicely and it doesn’t even feel like there is anything there. With the round and top straps it holds very well and doesn’t move or shake. The lens has about 60 degrees tilt from straight forward to almost straight down and is easily adjusted with gloves on. It stays where you angle it. 

The light features easy two button operation. One button turns on the main LED. Another push of the button dims the light. One more push dims is further. The other button controls the red LED. The buttons are easy to push but still have enough resistance to not let the light turn itself on while in your pocket or bag. Another nice feature that is on all of my Fenix headlamps, is when the batteries start to die, the light switches off the highest setting to the next. This is nice because it gives you time to switch out the batteries before you are stuck in the dark. 

Battery life seemed good although I wasn’t able to run it straight through to get actual run times but in 28 degree weather it stayed on bright the entire time I was outside before coming in because I was freezing. Their stated time is 135 hours on the lowest setting. The battery pack features an easy, quick change system that works great,and is very simple to get in and out even in the dark. I wish more battery operated products were this easy to change. 

The best part about the Fenix HP01 is it won’t cost you a fortune to get one. It can be found online for around $50. For a high quality light that is a steal. I have spent twice that amount on handhelds that weren’t as bright. And while I wasn’t able to put this lamp through the long term test I usually do, I can say that my other Fenix lights have all held up great through rain, sleet, and snow during a long season of duck, deer, and turkey hunting. 

The Fenix HP01 will definitely be my go to headlamp from now on! More information on the Fenix HP01 can be found HERE

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