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Publish Time:2013-08-06


LED: 4 x Cree XM-L T6 U2
Battery: Fenix Li-ion 7800mAh/7.4V (incluided)
Modes: 6 (Eco, Low, Medium, High, Turbo y Strobe)
Switch: Double in the head
Price: 339,90 €
Date: June 2013
Links: Fenix official website


Hello everyone. On behalf of the forum administration we are glad to introduce the Fenix RC40, an outstanding flashlight.

First of all we would like to thank Fenix to give us the opportunity to test this wonder of technology. They have given this flashlight in exchange for this review, which we will try to be as good as the flashlight itself.
When we say "wonder of technology" is because is worth. Feeling that you have the power of the lights of a car in your own hand is incredible. Of course, the WOW effect is guaranteed from the first moment when you see the box which contains this flashlight.

You all know we don't have so many flashlights as some of you, but we have tried a lot of them. Without making non-sense comparisons with models that simply can't be compared with this one, we want to say that we were impresed by Nitecore TM11 and BTU, but the Fenix RC40 outshines all others. This is a clear example when reality surpasses the photos by far.

The presentation is absolutely sublime, as usual in the products of Fenix. The box (we have to turn a blid eye with the sticker which is upside down) demostrates that we are in front of a high quality product. It's made in hard plastic with a perfect seal and handle. It's perfect to carry all the accesories that accompany it. Despite of containing a huge flashlight with a lot of accesories, it looks well made and compact.

The box is opened from the middle and when we do it we have the first "WOW!". The box looks size-compact, but when we open it we will see the big monster that contains. The effect you get when you open it is worth to show the flashlight in that manner to everyone who is not familiar with the flashlight world. Here is demostrated the first surprise :wow: (what a products can be made under the simple name of "flashlight", right? :sisi1:) How can that beast fit inside that box? Incredible...

It carries all his accesories perfectly compartmentalised. The user manual, two chargers (for car and home), a hanging strap and spare o-rings and plugs.


The strap is perfect for a big flashlight like this one. It has a good finish and the carabiners look very good too. The flashlight has holes for the carabiners. Maybe the carabiners could scrach the flashlight. As an improvement, could be a solution to have rubberized carabiners instead of these ones.



Here come the second "WOW!". When finally you hold the flashlight in your hand you think "oh my god..., what a beast!!!". The finish is according with everything mentioned above. It's sensational, from the antireflection glass to the perfectly polished reflector, the centering of the LEDs, the possition and the nice touch of the buttons, the awesome head with an excelent heatsink design, and finally the tailcap with 4 LEDs indicating the battery status (with a test button) and the waterproof tap for the charger plug hole.

The crown color is different than the rest of the flashlight and brings a beautiful detail to the set. It looks high quality and is not the usual chromed style that other flashlight have.

The four perfectly centered XM-L U2 LEDs, plus the gorgeous polish of an absolutely flawless reflector makes the spot to be perfect.


Here we have a full body photo of the flashligh, among other ones that we will add at the end:



Holding the flashlight:

In the back side we have the waterproof tap for the battery charger plug hole, and the test button for the battery status and the LED indicators:



The weight of the flashlight exceeds the kilo, although you could guess from its size:


And to finish with the external aspects here we have a pair of photos to test the IPX-8 standard (the manufacturer declares 30 minutes at 2 meters deep):


Inside the Fenix RC40 we can find a big battery of 7800mAh/7.4V with enough capacity to support 1:30h of runtime in turbo mode (3500 lumens).

With full charge our tester says 8.34V:

Here we can see the basic parts of the flashlights:

Here the detail of the threads is simply perfect, both machining of and lubrication:



Here we want to talk about a detail of the battery. It doesn't matter how you put the battery inside the flashlight. You will never be wrong. Each side of the battery has positive and negative contacts, one in the middle (positive) and the other one in the outter part (negative), both separated with a plastic ring.
There is no place to get wrong because the battery is identical from both sides. When we received the flashlight we realized that it had a plastic part to protect an accidental contact and prevent the discharge during the shipping or stocking :aplauso:

The battery fits perfectly. Absolutely hardiness feeling:


The user interface is really simple. It has two buttons, one for turning it on and another one for changing modes, which are six:

  • ECO: 35 useful lumens with 160 hours of runtime.
  • LOW: 150 lumens and 50 hours runtime.
  • MEDIUM: 550 lumens and 15 hours runtime.
  • HIGH: 1.500 lumens and 5 hours runtime.
  • TURBO: max. lumens, 3.500!! :wow: 1 hour and 3 minutes runtime.



Finally, the hidden strobe mode is activated permanently if the flashlight is on and you press the "mode" button during a while. If you have the flashlight turned off and you press the "mode" button during a while, the strobe mode will be active as long as you maintain the "mode" button pressed.

This flashlight has integrated protection against overcharge, overdischarge and overheat. It's built on aluminum with a hard, aerospace-like, antiabrasive type III anodyzing.

The battery charging is quite fast, and the detail of including a car battery charger is perfect. We love it!


About the battery consumption and runtime, we have to trust on the data provided by the manufacturer, because the test in low modes would be veeeery long. On high modes we plan to make a detailed test in the future.

Here we have a photo charging the battery:



The RC40 is clearly a thrower flashlight with a pretty deep reflector. But because of his brute force it floods a lot, so, we can't classify this flashlight only in one category.

And here we have the third "WOW!". Seeing this machine at 3500 lummen just pressing one button is very impresive. You feel a true power in your hard when you hold it. People who is skeptical with the world of flashlight, people who are surprised when they know that exists a forum about flashlights..., those people are stunned when they see this wonder illuminating an entire building.

Let's talk about the main purpose of this flashlight, which is to illuminate large open areas being usefull for rescue operations.

Here we have some beamshots taken by our forum user Kerontide, and a video where he talks a little bit about this flashlight (in spanish, sorry):

Under the water at 35 lummen:


Under the water at 150 lummen:


Under the water at 550 lummen:


Under the water at 1500 lummen:


Under the water at 3500 lummen:


An animated GIF with the composition:


In the mountain at 35 lummen:


In the mountain at 150 lummen:


In the mountain at 550 lummen:


In the mountain at 1500 lummen:


In the mountain at 3500 lummen:


Another view at 3500 lummen:


Finally, a comparison between RC40 and Nitecore TM11

TM-11 at 2000 lummen:


RC40 at 3500 lummen:


Video (by Kerontide):


What can we say before this beast?... Surprise? Fascination? :sisi1: Well..., actually we never have had in our hands any flaslight so powerfull like this one. The quality of his finish (starting from his threads and ending at his antireflection lens), the sobriety of the design (even with the large size), the details like the case, the strap, the two chargers (home and car)... Our personal opinion can't be better.

One more time, Fenix has set the bar very high. Althougt is obvious that isn't a product for every user, we can't ignore that we are in front of a masterpiece.

We think that this flashlight is perfect for rescue operations. Every fire truck and police car should carry one (this is perfect because it includes the 12V charger). Also, it's a "must have" piece on the collection of every flashlight geek or flashaholic. This is the most powerful flashlight made by a manufacturer. It's the colossus of the flashlight world.

We like:
  • Powerful, powerful, powerful..., and POWERFUL.
  • Amazing performance and efficiency thanks to the monstrous battery.
  • Excellent heat dissipation despite having 4 leds.
We don't like:
  • Price.
  • The weight, with the battery in place, is a but heavy.
  • The belt carabiners seems that it could scratch the aluminum.

Here you have a beautiful compossition (Light-Painting) courtesy of Kerontide:


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