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Fenix HP25 Global Testing Campaign (finished )

Publish Time:2013-05-27

In order to meet the various demands of different customers for outdoor lighting, Fenix has successfully launched a new headlamp HP25. In order to make the customers and enthusiasts better experience the new product, we are now collecting those who are interested in participating in Fenix HP25 Global Testing Campaign. Fenix will select some participants to test the HP25 (finished product) which will be sent you for free. Look forward to your participation and support!


1Brief Introduction of HP25

The Fenix HP25 Headlamp puts you in charge as conditions change with 20 distinct lighting patterns. Two dedicated light sources combine with an individual control system to deliver flood and spot combinations up to 360 lumens from 4 AA batteries. With beam distance up to 153 meters and runtime to nine days, HP25 opens up new worlds of all-season backcountry and cave exploration.

Please visit Fenix official website to get more detailed information of HP25.


2. Declaration of the Testing Campaign
2.1 Fenix will send the HP25 (finished product) for free to the participants who are selected to test the HP25, after they received the headlamp, they need to test it and publicize the reports on the relevant media according to Fenix's requirements.
2.2 The mailing fees for the
HP25 will be paid by Fenix.


3. Requirements for the Testers
3.1 All kinds of fans, including outdoor sports enthusiasts, or consumers who are well experienced with high end headlamps, etc.
3.2 Individuals who can write reviews or reports for headlamps, edit them with words and pictures, or take videos when they are testing the headlamp. 
3.3 Individuals that have already posted more than one review (including but not limited to headlamps)
3.4 Individuals who can post their testing reports on more than one internet media, such as the website of outdoor, flashlight, photography, etc.


4. Tester Registration
4.1 Registration Deadline: From 28th, May to 11th, June, 2013.
4.2 Registration Website:

5. Announcement of the qualified tester list
5.1 Time: June, 12th, 2013
5.2 Website:


6. Requirements for writing and publishing the testing report

6.1 The contents of your reports should include:

A. Description and your personal feeling of the product.

B. Images and video of the products, including appearance, function, details and trial run environment.
C. Description of the testing environment and process.
D. Description of the merits and shortcomings of the product.


6.2 Requirements for publicizing the testing reports:
A. Publicizing time
Testers should publicize the report within 20 days after receiving the HP25, and send the relevant link to Fenix by email for our reference.
B. Website for publicizing
Individuals who can post their testing reports on one or more internet media, such as the website of outdoor, flashlight, photography, etc.

C. Please fill out the Feedback Form after publicizing of the testing report.

7. Notice

7.1 Fenix will contact those selected testers by sending emails. If no replies are received within seven working days, we'll regard them as giving up testing the Fenix product.
7.2 It is preliminarily decided that the HP25 will be sent out in the middle June, 2013(depending on the shipment condition).
7.3 Fenix reserves the rights of final interpretation of this testing campaign.


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