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A Quick Review on Fenix TK35

Publish Time:2013-01-26

This is a quick review of Fenix TK35...

I was ready to passed this on but upon holding the light... I changed my mind...

this is so far the better designed holster from Fenix I've seen to date. It's firm, and TK35 fit in nicely. The Velcro strap can secure the head tightly/loosely to your usage. Well done on this, Fenix!!! :thumbup:

Comparing the TK35 to another new release from Fenix, the PD31.

Zoom in (real dimensions: 688 x 662)Image
Reflector used is SMO. no hybrid nor OP... and yes... there is a donut hole effect... :mrgreen:

Zoom in (real dimensions: 755 x 675)Image
The XM-L emitter...

The tail buttons... the one edged with Fenix logo is the mode-switch button, while the slightly bigger button is to turn the flashlight on/off. There are a total of 6 modes on this Fenix TK35 separated into 2 sets. The first set is the normal low, med, high and Turbo while the second set is strobe and SOS. To switch mode, just click on the mode-switch button, to switch to different set of modes, press and hold the mode-switch button.

showing the 4 screws holding the "plastic tail-cap"...


The threading is strong and firm...

A look inside the battery tube... and it's made of Aluminum...

Zoom in (real dimensions: 688 x 603)Image
Inside view of the head part...

Zoom in (real dimensions: 688 x 616)Image
The battery holder contact... I measure ~3.6V from the 2 contact ring here. but the batteries are arrange in series... someone has taken apart his battery holder (cpf) and reveal that there are controlling circuit inside the battery holder.

A look at the tail of the battery holder...




Tint lottery in play here... I have so far seen some pretty greenish tint and some that are white tint... there are also units that has a "black-hole" effect besides the usual donut hole.
This light really puts out a great amount of lights. It's the brightest so far in my collections. I also like the weigh of the light in my hand and the parallel battery design (a design that resemblance EagleTac M2/M3 series) with smaller body (compare to EagleTac M2/M3) does give a better grip/hold... :thumbup:
I did a short runtime test of Turbo brightness and the light does switch to High mode after 25 minutes. To switch back to Turbo, just turn off and on or cycle the modes thru the mode switch button.
Overall, Fenix has done a good job with this TK35 and the performance of XM-L is really impressive!!! :claphands:

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