This is the review of the Fenix TK22 flashlight I won from the Fenix-store giveaway they made a few days back, hope you enjoy!

The light came in a nice see through presentation box typical of Fenix lights:

Inside the box there we find:

- Nylon belt holster with top flap and Velcro closure
- Warranty information
- User's manual
- Fenix light advertisement
- plastic bag with 2 O-rings, a spare black rubber boot for the switch and a 15 cm wrist lanyard

Fenix TK22 Specifications printed on the box:

Output: 650 Lumens
Runtime 168 Hours
Distance: 235 Meters
Intensity: 13800 cd
Impact resistance: 1 Meter
Waterproof: IPX-8 2 Meters
LED: XM-L U2 bin

I have owned several Fenix Lights over the years and know these lights are very well built and designed to last, so far the Fenix lights I got have proven to be very reliable and dependable and the new TK22 seems to follow the same tradition of quality.

The light measures 146 mm long by 40 mm wide at the bezel and fits nicely in the hand

The HAIII anodizing is flawless and the stainless steel (?) bezel and side button seem to have been sandblasted lightly to remove any shine, I like it, BTW the side button measures 10 mm and is raised approximately 1 mm.

Disassembling the light is very straight forward,

The metal grip ring can be unscrewed to remove the bezel down clip.

I like that Fenix used anodized square threads in the TK22, this enables the light to be locked out for storage or transport by unscrewing the light about 1/2 turn.

The machining is very good with no rough or sharp parts that can tear into flesh or clothing

The head and tail have springs to ensure positive contact

The light cannot tail stand because the switch protrudes over the tail cap crenelations by about 5 mm

There are 2 lanyard attachment holes in the TK 22 one is in the tailcap and the other is in the cigar hold metal ring, the holes are about 3 mm in diameter

The scalloped bezel helps it not to roll of a table if the light is put on its side, the side switch is 10mm in diameter by 1 mm high. the sandblasted crenelated steel bezel has 3mm high teeth with smooth edges that wont cut fingers or clothing but are functional for self defense or to notice if the light is turned on and placed head down.

The switch is a momentary forward click switch that has a very positive feel to it and makes a somewhat loud click when engaged travel length to engage the switch to the on position is about 4 mm, the side switch has a positive feel when pressed travel length to click is about 0.5 mm and also makes a sound when pressed, kind of like the old computer keyboards! I found it to be easier to find in the dark if you align the side clip to where the button is located.

Something that I did not like about this light is the inside diameter of the battery tube, 18650's have a snug fit, The Hi-Max cells barely fit and are really really snug, you will have to disassemble the light and push the battery from the other side using a wooden stick to get it out, I think this light is going to have a hard time using some of the fatter 18650's on the market

The light has 4 light output settings and a strobe, it remembers the last mode selected (But not strobe!) the tail cap current using a fully charged 18650 is as follows.

Low: 0.01 amps
Med: 0.14 amps
High: 0.54 amps
Turbo: 1.50 amps

To activate strobe you turn on the light using the tail switch then press and hold the side button for approximately 2 seconds, if side button is pressed while in strobe it will revert back to the previously selected light level.

I really like the tint of this light! its either the warmest of the cool white spectrum or the coldest of the neutral white, if I had to pick a color from the Cree XM-L color chart it would be 2C or 2D since it is a bit warmer than a 1C, it gives very good color rendition.

The reflector has the marketed "Lossless Orange Peel Reflector" which is to my eyes a very light orange peel reflector like the FiveMega throwmaster reflector. BTW the led came very well centered! the lint in the picture is on the outside of the antireflective coated glass inside is perfectly clean and free of debirs!

Another view, the diameter of the actual reflecting surface is aproximately 30 mm and about 25 mm deep (Did not open the light to measure it)

The beam has a very defined hotspot with 2 coronas that blend into one another, the hotspot measures 35 cm (14 inches) from a distance of 3 meters (10 feet) My cell phone camera makes the hotspot appear to look too blue! it is not like that in person. The beam produced does not have any visible artifacts, I like it!

In all I think Fenix made another fine light, but please bore the tube a little more so fat 18650 cells can fit!