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Fenix first lightweight and portable camping lantern CL20 will be launched soon. In order to make the enthusiasts be the first ones to experience ... [Details]
BT20 is the world's first professional bike light which employs Dual Distance Beam System. It features broad floodlight, close-in visibility and long-range illumination. BT20 employs the neutral white LED  featuring the advantages of strong penetration power and good color rendering.

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First, I’ll thank Fenixlight and knivesandtools for providing me this review-light!We will have a closer look at the Fenix TK32. This light is designed for hunting, but also suited for searching e...
Fenix BC30 Bike Light, Dual distance beam -Twin XM-L2 T6(photo heavy) The BC30 is Fenix latest high power bike light and feature twin XM-L2-T6 leds delivering their Dual Distance Beam technology. ...
Fenix is one of the leading names in high-end flashlights, and the've recently released the new TK32, an 18650 class for balanced throw of 900+ lumens and individual red, green and blue emitte...

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