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    Fenix ARB-L18-2900L is a cold-resistant rechargeable battery which competent for extreme environments such as glacier, snow mountains. It works as normal even in severe cold of - 40℃,
    0.2C current discharges 70% capacity (about 2000Wh) even in -30℃.Battery capacity up to 2900mAh, maximum output current 4A.Protection circuit in the anode and 3 sets of overheat protection ensure the use safety and good performance of the battery.The battery is fully covered with the steel shell, thus the potential risk of short circuiting caused by collision or impact is hugely eliminated.


    ◎ Withstands extreme cold of - 40℃
    ◎ Protective circuit inside the anode
    ◎ Multiple protection
    ◎ 500 charging cycles
    Optional Accossories

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