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Fenix's 2013 Trip for Charity in Mupo Middle School

Publish Time:2013-11-20

The annual Fenix's trip for charity now comes in 2013. All staffs in Fenixlight Limited are paying great attention to the children in the mountains. Before the National Holiday, Fenix representatives again came to MupoMiddle School, locatedXiaojinCounty,Aba District,SichuanProvince and extended our warm greetings and love for the children there. It is the sixth time of Fenix’s trip for charity in Mupo middle school. And during this time, we are very glad to see the materials that we donated in the previous years such as the computers and fax machine are still working well.

Donated by people from all walks of life,MupoMiddle Schoolwas built in 2008 after suffered the devastating Wenchuan earthquake. The children’s hardworking finally pays off. During this year’s entrance examination to senior middle school, the first place, the 20th place and the 30th place in Xiaojin County are all fromMupoMiddle Schooland the enrollment rate is up to over 70%.

Since the establishment of Fenix charity foundation, to help the students in poverty-stricken areas has always been an important program for Fenix. And we have been carrying on the trip for charity in Mupo Middle School to undertake our little bit social responsibility.

Donating Materials:

1)  Scholarships for excellent students and stipend for poverty-stricken students;

2)  SLR camera;

3)  Several sporting goods.


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