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Fenix BT20 Tester List

Publish Time:2012-12-19

The application process of Fenix BT20 testing campaign has been successfully completed on Oct. 7th, 2012. Thanks very much for your participation in this campaign. Your participation is the motive force of our progress. We will keep supplying our customer with excellent products all the time. Due to the limited number, we give our sincere appreciation to the applicants who are not chosen. More testing campaigns of Fenix products will be held later, you are always welcome to support and take part in continuously.
Thanks again to all the customers who actively support and take part in the 'Fenix BT20 Global Testing Campaign', and congratulations to the lucky ones who have the opportunity to test Fenix BT20 bike light. Hope all the testers enjoy the excitement when experiencing the BT20 bike light, and we also hope you'd like to post your review after testing it, and share it with all the friends who love Fenix products.
The following is the list of the testers:

1) In order to protect the privacy of our customers, we only publicize the limited information of the BT20 testers.
2) Fenix will inform the testers by emails. Please reply us within seven days after having received the email, if not, we will regard you as giving up this test opportunity.
3) The BT20 bike light for this global test campaign will be sent out in the last ten days of October, We'll inform the testers by emails.
4) Fenixlight Limited reserves the right of final interpretation of this campaign.

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