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Fenix's Trip for Charity in Mupo Middle School

Publish Time:2012-12-19

Nearly two months have been gone in the new semester. All staffs in Fenixlight Limited are paying great attention to the children in the mountains. How about their school life? Therefore, on October17, 2012, Fenix president, executive vice president, etc came to Mupo Middle School, located Xiaojin County, Aba District, Sichuan Province. They have sent the warm greetings and love to the children. During the student representative' s forum, the senior executives conveyed their eager expectations and great care to them.
Donated by people from various levels, Mupo Middle School was built in 2008 after suffered the devastating Wenchuan Earthquake. The children in the school study very hard and they are the hope of the country. Since the foundation of Fenix charity fund, to help the poverty-stricken students is a vital program. So far, Fenix' s charity activities have spread all around China.
Donating materials
Scholarships for excellent students and stipend for poverty-stricken students;
Computer: 5 sets;
Copier: 1 set ;
Bedding (cotton quilt, pillow inner, quilt cover, bed sheet, pillow cover, etc): 200 sets.
Award Scholarships
Award Stipend


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