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Congratulations on Fenix Winning 2012 "Zunlv Award" -Home-made Equipment of the Year

Publish Time:2013-01-29

The 2012 annual outdoor sports industry election in China-"Zunlv award" has been announced. Through intensive competition, Fenix TK22 successfully got through to the finals and won the award of home-made equipment of the year. This is another Fenix product winning the award after TK35 got it in 2011.

TK22 is the first flashlight with lossless orange-peel reflector. Its advanced design and exquisite workmanship not only reduce the loss of luminous flux to the limit, but also have the perfect hotspots. Moreover, TK22 delivers max 650-lumen output from only one 18650 battery. The innovative side switch on the head flows between four brightness levels and strobe mode, plus the advanced constant brightness technology and waterproof to IPX-8 standard, TK22 will be your reliable partner when searching, rescuing, etc.

Sponsored by, the "Zunlv award"-2012 annual outdoor sports industry election in China undergoes three stages such as nomination, preliminary election and expert review, which is the largest scale and most formal review and summary in China's outdoor industry in 2012.

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