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Fenix supports "Red Bull in 24 hours" Cross-country Challenge Race, 2012

Publish Time:2012-12-19

The first Shenzhen International Outdoor Carnival "Red Bull in 24 hours"2012 Cross-country Challenge Race will be held in Dapeng District, Shenzhen in 17th-18th, November, 2012. The activity is hosted by Shenzhen Dapeng District Administrative Commission and Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Sports and Tourism, organized by Shenzhen Mountaineering & Outdoor Sports Association. Followed by the good cooperation with the activity in 2011, Fenix will again be a cooperative partner with "Red Bull in 24 hours"2012 Cross-country Challenge Race. When the time comes, Fenix will give a free headlamp HP11 with max 277lumens output and 206 hours runtime to each member of the professional groups, providing strong support for the players during the night games. Moreover, Fenix will also provide the world's first bike light with dual distance beam system, BT20, as one of the prizes for the race.
20 professional groups and over 70 open groups will experience the "Red Bull in 24 hours" round-the-clock special sport game. More than 10 sport items will bring you more experience and great enjoyment in 17th-18th, November, 2012.
About "Red Bull in 24 hours"
As the only domestic round-the-clock outdoor game, "Red Bull in 24 hours" Cross-country Challenge Race dates back to "Dynamic Exploration Racer, Shenzhen 2006". It is a new outdoor game according to the concept of "all weather, all terrain, and all sports ". The main characteristics of the competition are going in the natural environment, round-the-clock competition and various forms of exercise. Moreover, the competition is well-suited in difficulty and intensity, along with its competitiveness and participation, the competition is suitable for every outdoor group of people. This year, the competition in Shenzhen also has the professional group and the open group, and there are 130kilometers and 70 kilometers in the race schedule. Based on Eco Challenge characterized by "round the clock", the competition will adopt the continuous game system of team event, that is, three players form a team, and they will arrange the game tempo by themselves. Also, they have to finish over 12 sport items such as cross-county race, mountain biking, swimming, loaded mountain-climbing, camping, orienteering, canoeing and so on in the form of a team within 24 hours. The competition is a cross-county challenge race with longest continuous play, the longest one-way race with the most participants in China.
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About Fenix
Dedicated to the R&D, manufacturing and selling of the outdoor sports lighting devices, Fenix Limited is a global leading supplier for outdoor sports lighting technology and solutions. And it covers a wide range of products such as flashlight series, headlamp series, bike light series, etc. Today, Fenix products have been distributed to more than 100 countries around the world.
Today, with Fenix's innovative technology and solutions, Fenix is dedicated to the perfect LED lighting tools with outstanding performance, high reliability and perfect craftsmanship to satisfy the customers' pursuit for multi-functional and high standard illuminating tools. Featuring outstanding performance and reliable quality, Fenix has won the universal acknowledgement and excellent public praises from every corner in the world.
Committing to the mission of innovating in outdoor sports lighting and achieving users' pleasing experiences, Fenix aims to be one of the best outdoor lighting brands in the world.
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