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Fenix Actively Supports "Red Bull in 24 Hours" Cross-country Challenge Race

Publish Time:2012-12-19

"Red Bull in 24 Hours" cross-country challenge race was held at Dapeng new district, Shenzhen on 17th-18th, Nov., 2012. As one of the outdoor active advocates, Fenix participated in and lent all-out support for this race. Fenix gave a free headlamp HP11 with max 277 lumens output and 206 hours runtime to each member of the professional groups, which helped the players finish their race well on the night after rain. Moreover, Fenix also provided the world's first bike light BT20 with dual distance beam system as one of the prizes for the professional groups and open groups.
62 groups of players from Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Hong Kong and other cities participated in this race. There were professional groups and open groups with races of 140 kilometers and 80 kilometers. Based on Eco Challenge characterized by "round the clock", the competition adopted the continuous game system of team event. That was, three players formed a team, and they arranged the game tempo by themselves. Also, they had to finish over 12 sport items such as cross-county race, mountain biking, swimming, loaded mountain-climbing, camping, orienteering, canoeing and so on in the form of a team within 24 hours. This outdoor game was a unique experience platform "all weather, all terrain, and all sports "for the outdoor sports lovers with the seashore as the main terrain characteristic.

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