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Fenix Helped Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers won the 3nd place in 2012 Patagonian Exped Race

Publish Time:2013-01-29

It is the second time for team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers to use Fenix products in Patagonian Exped Race! And congratulations to them!

Here are some comments from the team members:

Fenix Lights ?/STRONG> Expedition races are unique, requiring teams to often travel over a wide variety of treacherous and technical terrain at night, making choosing lights a serious issue. The biggest gear problem we had in Patagonia was making this decision in the days leading up to the race ?but only because we had too many excellent choices. Since starting to use Fenix lights last year, we抳e been amazed at just how many suitable options there are. This year we decided to streamline and all use exactly the same so that battery management would be simple.

Lightweight Fenix HL21 takes single AA battery

Fenix lights all take readily available batteries ?either AAA, AA, or CR123 ?so even when we arrive in a remote destination we can always find a way to power our lights.

For biking we use the HL21 headlamp on our helmets. It takes a single AA battery and offers a powerful 90 lumens to light up whatever our gaze drifts to while riding. Then on the handlebars we mount the powerful TK21 flashlight. It has four modes, the brightest throwing a 468 lumen beam far along the trail.

Powerhouse: Fenix HP11

When we are on our feet or paddling, we switch to the long running  HP11 , whose four AA batteries usually see us through an entire 7 day (and night) race. (See our full review on that light in our story ?STRONG>Ultimate Gear Test: 7-Day Adventure Race?from last summer.) Fenix lights are waterproof and nearly indestructible, something we can personally attest to, having dropped them to the bottom of lakes, cliffs, and having them survive numerous high speed crashes. If only our bodies were a bit more like our lights?indestructible, long running, and when the energy does run out, easy to change the batteries on the go.
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