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Fenix' Partner Team Gear Junkie Wins Two Races in One Week

Publish Time:2013-01-29

As one of the best sellers in the American outdoor sports illuminating market, Fenix has gained the recognition of Gear Junkie, one of the famous outdoor sports team with its good quality, high reliability and excellent performance. It was a big weekend for our sponsored adventure racing teams. Team Gear Junkie/WEDALI and Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers each took home a first-place win in Midwest races, including the END-SPARin North Dakota and the inaugural Boonecrusher Adventure Race in Iowa.
END-SPAR, North Dakota ?/B>According to the race staff, it was the most competitive field they'd ever had, with over 20 teams entering the "co-ed elite" category. True to form of the END race series (which stands for "Extreme North Dakota") the event was tough, with difficult navigation, lots of mud, and plenty of harsh weather.

GearJunkie/YogaSlackers study their maps

Team GearJunkie/YogaSlackers charged hard right from the start, opening up a small lead during the first orienteering section. The team never looked back, and we were the only team to find every checkpoint on the course.

Bikes and burrs . . . captain Jason Magness

Boonecrusher Adventure Race, Iowa 桾his past Saturday, Molly, Biz, Tom, Kelly, Erl and Andrei headed down to Boone, Iowa, along with 175 other endurance athletes to "go for broke or be broken" at the inaugural 12-hour Boonecrusher Adventure Race.

Into the forest Team GearJunkie goes. . .

Orienteering leg in Iowa

Victory for Team GearJunkie at Boonecrusher Adventure Race

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