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Fenix Goes Hand in Hand with "Dream Journey of Olympics"

Publish Time:2013-01-29

Fenix will act as a sponsor for the European riding campaign to support the Chinese Olympic athletes.

        As we all know, the purpose of the Olympic Games is to boost the all-around development of human beings and understanding between different nations, making the Olympic Games popular in the world and safeguarding world peace. The civilian sports lovers in China spontaneously organize the riding campaign ---"Journey of Olympic Dreams", and team up from China to Europe. When they arrive to Europe, they will ride respectively according to different lines and get to the final destination- London before the opening of Olympic Games. On the way to London, the riders will advocate the Chinese folk sports spirit through their personal actions to promote the cultural exchange with western countries and support the Chinese Olympic athletes through their practical actions.

        Fenix, an oriental brand operator for outdoor sports lighting in China will cooperate with Zhang Yunhao- the initiator of "Journey of Olympic Dreams" (for the details ,please refer to his Microblog @ ???????), and provide the high- quality lighting tools for the riders in this campaign to help the riders finish the journey.

        On June 18, 2012, Zhang Yunhao will leave for Rome, Italy from China and start his dream journey of Olympics with Fenix products.

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