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Fenix Begins Get Out More Journey Hand in Hand with American Backpacker Magazine

Publish Time:2015-07-14

Get out more, is advocated by the American magazine Backpacker. As the name suggests, it is the below-the-line activities that encourage people to get out more and enjoy outdoors. A new round of activities began in April this year, since 2014 Fenix has first cooperated with Backpacker in this program.

The series of activities aim at sharing a variety of outdoor survival skills, outdoor sports skills and successful experience of outdoor enthusiasts for people who love outdoors. Up to now, the program has been to dozens of outdoor stores, including REI, it also has held two outdoor carnival activities to attract the participation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Fenix, as official sponsor of outdoor lighting brand in the Get Out More activities, it not only demonstrated its professional quality and efficient performance to the outdoor lovers, but also interpreted for everyone of "safe outdoor, happy outdoor" concept. Once again Fenix proved the charm of Chinese outdoor lighting brand in overseas markets with its outstanding performance.

Passionately Welcomed Activity Scene

Extraordinarily Grand Outdoor Carnival

Lucky Guy Got the Souvenir Fenix Offered

The Staff Member on Television Programme

Activities Sought-after by TV Shows

Group Photo of Staff Member and Fenix CL20 Camping Lantern

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