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Outdoor Sports Lighting Fenix Sponsors Finland Tahko Mountain Bike Race

Publish Time:2015-07-13

The yearly Tahko Mountain Bike Race was held in Tahko mountain area in Finland, Fenix the outdoor lighting brand, in successive four years, supports this MTB race with nighttime race lighting and product sponsor.

Pictures: Race Pageantry on the Scene

Tahko Mountain Bike Race is the grandest MTB race event in Finland. The Tahko MTB race 2015 was held from 26 to 27th of June in Tahko-mountain area which is nice tourism and the ski center near Kuopio city in Finland. This year there were approx. 2300 bicycle lovers who took part in this 120km Tahko MTB race. As one of the event sponsors, Fenix continues its fourth year in supporting nighttime race lighting and reliable cycling equipments for the contestants. Again, Fenix proves its professional reliability as one of the world outdoor lighting brands under this adventurous MTB race.

Pictures: The Bike Lights Fenix Sponsored

Fenix supported Team Fenix mountain biker Mr. Kalle Kauppinen take nice 5 place in this 120 km race. Soon you will see the Fenix Team member Mr. Kalle Kauppinen in the Transalp Mountain Bike competition at Germany. The Transalp starts from Germany and ends in Italy. The race is approx 625 km long and it follows the Alps. So, the racers really have to go through lot of height difference (total 19 000 meter).  

Pictures: Mr. Kalle Kauppinen, the Fenix Mountain Biker 

In the coming September, Fenix (Finland) will hold Fenix nighttime cycling race, in order to support all cycling enthusiasts with competitive platform for exchange experience, also all cycling enthusiasts gain the opportunity to witness Fenix as reliable outdoor sports lighting and to better experience enjoyable cycling.

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