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Warm Congratulations on Fenix Chairman Mr. Su Huiyun Successfully Reaches the Summit of Mount Elbrus

Publish Time:2015-05-28

On May 25, the chairman of Fenix Mr. Su Huiyun successfully reaches the summit of Mount Elbrus, with the height of 5642 meters above the sea level. This is one more triumphant experience of Mr. Su Huiyun of high altitude, which follows in 2013 he succeeded in ascending the peak of Kilimanjaro, 5895 meters high above the sea level.

Photo taken after successfully reach the peak(Fenix chairman Mr. Su Huiyun: Right)

It is really tortuous experience to reach the peak. The team begins at 4:30 inthe morning, the weather is very nice at first, however, there is dramatic change in the weather after 8:00, the climbing team is caught in strong wind and heavy snow, while the extremely low visibility and the plummeted temperature don’t withdraw the climbers, finally they reach the peak at 10:30. But worse is to follow, it is more difficult and painful to descent from the summit against the fierce wind and snow. Mr. Su Huiyun admits that: the other day, I felt I was on a journey, and then I clearly realize the sufferings when I start to sprint to the top.

In recent years, Fenix has been committed to promoting the healthy development of outdoor sports. Fenix deeply knows that excellent outdoor lighting products can’t keep the foothold without repetitive outdoor practice. This time Mr. Su Huiyun follows the team to reach the top of Mount Elbrus, the teamLove the Topbuilt by Sun Bin, the president of Summit School. During the mountaineering, Fenix equips all the team members with Fenix headlight HL55, this four-proofing finishing headlight surely hasn’t let all down with its outstanding performance against heavy wind and snow, even in the process of climbing under extremely low visibility.

Excellent performance of HL55 headlight

Gasoline can base camp

Difficult process of climbing

The footprint of Fenix

Triumphant moment of reaching the summit

Fenix HL55

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