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Fenix unveils its bike light products in Asia Outdoor Trade Show 2012

Publish Time:2012-12-29

      The annual Asia Outdoor Trade Show was grandly held in Nanjing International Expo Centre from July 26th to 29th, 2012. Fenix, as the leading outdoor illuminating brand, attended this fair as usual and unveiled its bike light products during the event period. 

Fenix Exhibition Booth


Fenix Exhibition Booth Was Crowed with Visitors

      The Fenix exhibition booth was located at the exhibition hall centre. With the advantageous geographical position and the fashionable booth design, it greatly captured the visitors' attention and fully displayed Fenix's leading strength in the outdoor lighting industry. Fenix not only displayed a full line of the products , but also hold a press release of the newly-developed bike light BT20 at the booth. With the Award Answer-Question and Product Trial Game,BT20 quickly became the highlights of the exhibition hall. Many visitors came and sought advice from the product and tried out the product. The new product announcement had got an excellent effect. Meanwhile, the new bike light series have greatly enriched and improved the Fenix product line.

The global sales training instructor of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, LLC, Walter J.Schwab, became the prize winner in the flashlight experience


The global sales training instructor of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, LLC, Walter J.Schwab, was talking about Fenix flashlights with a flashlight enthusiast in the Trade Show.


Bike Light BT20's on-the-spot Announcement

        Originated from European Outdoor Show, Asia Outdoor Trade Show has been successfully held as the largest professional outdoor show with the most exhibitive products in Asian area since 2006 .Now it has been one of the three largest professional outdoor trade shows except European Outdoor Show and the Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City. This time the trade show has attracted 570 exhibitors from over 20 countries in the world.
Fenix has achieved complete success in the trade show. Not only has it displayed the latest products and strengthened the communication between the old and new clients, but also further built up the consumers' brand recognition for Fenix. 

On-the-spot Product Explanation and Demonstration

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