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Fenix Lights Help Tsinghua University Mountaineers Create a New Mountaineering Record

Publish Time:2012-12-29

Recently, the mountaineering party of Tsinghua University successfully climbed up the main peak of the Great Snow Mountain at an elevation of 5000m at 9:13a.m. July 4th, 2012. Then they climbed up the sister mountain- South Mountain at 7:53 a.m. July 9th. During the climbing period, the lighting devices that Fenix sponsors for them showed outstanding performance and strong reliability, serving as a strong support for the successful activity.

As one of the most famous outdoor illumination brands, Fenix takes an active part in the development of the outdoor sports industry in China, and spares no effort in cultivating the young outdoor enthusiasts In 2011, Fenix sponsored the mountaineering party of Tsinghua University to climb the Yuzhu Mountain at an elevation of 6178m; and Fenix also provided the lighting devices such as flashlights and headlamps for the mountaineering party, helping the party accomplish the first successful ascent?on Qilian Mountains. Moreover, it has created a new record that 23 people climbed the mountains successfully in the history of the association. 

The mountaineering party of Tsinghua University which was set up by the students of Tsinghua University is one of the most famous university mountaineering parties. This influential mountaineering party has organized 19 mountain climbing activities since climbing the Geladandong Mountain in 1991.

On the way of climbing

On the summit of East mountain

On the summit of South mountain

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