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Fenix TK15 Works like New after Retrieved Ten Months Later in a Lake

Publish Time:2012-12-29

Recently, a video was found on Youtube, saying that a Canadian user retrieved a long lost Fenix flashlight from a lake near his home by diving himself into the water. It is said that the flashlight had been lost under 20-30 feet of ice in the lake for nearly ten months. Nevertheless, it worked like new when he got it back. And interestingly, that is one of the Fenix flashlights, TK15, which is found by using another TK15 as a lighting tool under the water.
The original explanations in the video are as follows: "My Fenix TK15 was lost in the lake for nearly 10 months. It spent a winter under the ice in 20-30 feet of water. Works like new."
Finally, congratulate the user on finding his TK15, and thank him for sharing the video with us.
Video screenshot:  

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