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Challenging of Riding through Mountains —Fenix Sponsors Finnish TAHKO MTB Race

Publish Time:2014-07-08

The TAHKO MTB Race is the annually largest MTB race in Finland. This race not only attracts local riders, but also those from Estonia, Sweden, Russia,etc.

This year’s race was held on 26th, June in Nilsiä city with more than 2149 racers engaged in it. As one of the sponsors of this race in 2012 and 2013, this time Fenix also provides the new coming BC series bike lights and headlamps. Fenix bike lights help the riders riding through the mountains to experience the mountain adventures, which prove Fenix products’ high performance again as the professional outdoor lighting tools.

The scene of TAHKO MTB Race 

Fenix provides the headlamps and bike lights to the riders

Fenix awards the prizes for the winners

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