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Publish Time:2014-06-30

Dear Customers,

Recently, Fenix found that some customers have purchased Counterfeiter products or copy of Fenix light through internet platform, which harmed the interest of customers. 

Fenix would like to clarify:

1.The Fenix official website is, every Fenix product has its own serial number on the backside of packaging and the head of light which is composed of letters and figures, such as F3C91900678, Customers can check out the detail information of the Fenix light through the official website. 

2.Till now, Fenix did not authorize to any market place seller or third party sellers to sell the Fenix lights through any online auction websites, and there are maybe some illegal imported products sold on the market, it would make the customers very difficult to get the Fenix high quality products guarantee and service. 

3.If customers find any Fenix products that sell much lower than the Fenix Suggested Retail Price, please take more concern before you purchase this type of products, Fenix suggests customers to buy Fenix products in reliable sources only. 


June 24th, 2014
Fenixlight Limited

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