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Amazing! A flashlight's strong vitality!-from Andrew Gleisberg's real strory

Publish Time:2014-05-08

First of all, thanks for the Amerian user Andrew Gleisberg's share of this story.
Here is a little story for you.

I dropped my original PD32 in the snow last November and I did not realize it. It was out there the entire winter, through the record cold, the snow, the ice, and the spring rains. Just the other day when I was mowing the lawn I happened to see something lying in the grass in the path that I had just mowed. Low and behold it was my trusty PD32 1st gen. Figuring there had been some internal moisture the electronics would be toast, not only that I figured the battery would no longer be good and may have possibly ruptured from the extreme cold.

Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to go for gold, I hit the power button on the back of the light and sure enough it shot out a beam just as bright as the day I received the light. When I opened the light not a drop of moisture was inside. Mind you this fell in the part of my yard that floods every year and at one point was up to 6 inches deep.

This did not phase it at all. The light is still going strong and the battery has also tested well and has been recharged properly. If I had to trust one light and only one light, it would be a Fenix, specifically a PD series light. They are built to last. No matter the situation you know you can trust it to work when you need it to.

Thank you Fenix for putting together a well built quality item built to last the test of time. So many things anymore are designed to fail after so many uses. Your products however have been built to stand the punishment of gods.

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