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Fenix Lighting Products’ Use in Disaster Preparedness and Relief

Publish Time:2014-04-30

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Natural disasters like Earthquake, landslide, debris flow, hurricane, flood, etc. are the most common forms of severe weather in the modern world. When such a disaster hits an area, the human being’s life security suffers a lot from the threat for its wide range of destruction and great destructiveness. Then are you at a loss about what to do in case a disaster hits an area? In areas where disasters are possible, we can always store items according to the types of the disasters so as to reduce damages from a natural disaster. Surely the basic items shall include an excellent lighting tool which is absolutely indispensable. 

Then what features are important for an excellent lighting tool? Warren Faidley, a man who is labeled as "America’s Top Storm Chaser" by multiple media outlets, thinks that a dependable lighting tool should have durability, must be able to adapt to harsh conditions with a long runtime. Of course, it should have several brightness levels to satisfy different demands, with search and SOS functions, and strong impact resistance and waterproof are also important.

One of the product managers from Fenix- an excellent leading outdoor lighting brand in the world introduced that among Fenix products, TK35 and PD35 are one of the best lighting tools for disaster preparedness. The reasons are that both of these two products are powered by 18650 batteries or CR123Abatteries. Featuring high intensity as well as high performance as tactical flashlights, they can be used in the harsh outdoor conditions. With its compactness and portability, both of these flashlights can deliver max 800 lumens output with over four brightness levels to satisfy various lighting demands. The users can also use the strobe or SOS mode as a signal for help in case of dangers. Strong impact resistance and waterproof also meet the demands in the disaster-stricken areas. In addition, flashlights powered by the readily-available AA batteries are also better choices for disaster preparedness, but compared with those powered by 18650 batteries; the output may be lower and runtime shorter. The users can choose the right flashlight based on their own requirements.


Fenix PD35, Won "The Best Of Show Award" in AFTA Trade Show 2013 in Australia

A good headlamp is also an indispensable lighting tool for disaster preparedness because you can keep both hands free so that you can spend more time and energy in concentrating on the disaster relief and safety protection. Fenix product manager suggest s you using Fenix HL30, for this headlamp is easy to carry with its small size. Powered by two readily-available AA batteries respectively, the headlamp has the SOS function and red light mode, which enable the users to send signals for help in dangerous situations.

Not only is the disaster preparedness the job of residents, but also the routine work of the rescuers. As for them, higher performance is required for the lighting tools under complex environments in the disaster-stricken areas. As rescue work is often high intensity and takes a long time, the lighting devices must have farther throw, higher output as well as high performance so that the rescuers can works well in the disaster-stricken areas.


TK-Series models such as TK75 and TK61 are all high intensity flashlight made by Fenix, which are especially suitable for search and rescue. All of these two models are powered by 18650 batteries with over400mthrow and 1000 lumens output. The rescuers can use these models for long-lasting lighting during their search and rescue with the high performance and constant brightness. Besides, the rescuers can choose the right lighting device based on their own equipment, loading condition and types of disasters.


During the rescuing in the disaster-stricken areas, the rescuers have to keep both hands free for rescue. In this case, they can wear a headlamp. Featuring both spot and flood beams, Fenix headlamp HP25 is quite fit for the rescue. Two dedicated light sources combine with an individual control system to deliver flood and spot combinations up to 360 lumens from 4 AA batteries. With beam distance up to 153 meters and 90 degree beam angle, HP25 provides close-in visibility as well as long-distance illumination. What needs reminding is that, according to a senior firefighter in Taiwan, headlamp is not recommended in the fire disaster areas since most of the headband on the market have no fire-proof function and designs that can fasten the headlamp firmly on the fire hat.

For more details about disaster preparedness and relief as well as Fenix products, please follow Fenix on its Face book (Fenix Worldwide).


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