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Fenix Sponsors Free Climbers Zhao Xingzheng and Sun Tao to Challenge the Unclimbed Mountain

Publish Time:2014-04-10

Two famous free climbers as well as coaches from Summit Outdoor School, Zhao Xingzheng and Sun Tao will challenge the unclimbed Mountain from 8thto 23rd, April. As a leading outdoor sports lighting brand, Fenix will provide sponsorship for their mountaineering.

Zhao Xingzheng, backbone of former mountaineering team in TsinghuaUniversity, now working as head coach in the training department ofBeijingSummitOutdoorSchool, high mountain guide as well as outdoor coach.

Sun Tao, National outdoor sports instructor, now CEO of Beijing Summit Outdoor School, high mountain guide as well as outdoor coach.

Fenix hasalwaysbeencommittingitself to boosting the outdoor sports industry. With the purpose of encouraging outdoor sports enthusiasts to pursue the spirit of “keeping working hard through innovations in a pioneering spirit and making progress with courageousness”, Fenix sponsors them for challenging the Hlako Kangri Mountain,and in this way, to advocate Fenix’s brand concept of “illuminate your adventure”.

Sun Tao and Zhao Xingzheng are ready for the mountaineering trip

During this trip, the two challengers will take the Fenix headlamp HL50 as their carry-on lighting device. A professional headlamp with cold-resistance and suitable for mountaineers in high altitudes, the HL50 uses either oneCR123Aor AA battery to produce max 365 lumen output and provides reliable lighting in harsh conditions.

Fenix professional headlamp HL50

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