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Warren Faidley:Necessary tools in the family disaster preparedness package —Exclusive Interview by Fenix Editor

Publish Time:2014-04-10

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Warren Faidley was the first person to pursue severe weather and natural disasters in full-time capacity, as a journalist, consultant, cinematographer and photographer. He has been labeled as "America’s Top Storm Chaser" by multiple media outlets.

Warren Faidley

As the tornado season is coming, Fenix’s editor got an honor to interview Mr. Warren, and he was kind enough to give detailed answers about how to be best prepared to reduce damage in case a disaster hits an area.

1. Do you think what tools should be in the family disaster preparedness package?

Warren Faidley: You should always store items according to the type(s) of disasters your region might experience. For example, in areas where earthquakes are possible, it might be wise to store extra food and water since relief supplies may take longer to reach you.

Basic items:
A.A good flashlight and extra batteries. A second "backup" flashlight is suggested. Use flashlight holders and lanyards to keep from losing your flashlight. A headlamp is always a good idea because you can keep both hands free for other things. Consider a red lens cover for signaling.
B.A 3-7 days supply of nonperishable food and water. You should have 1 gallon of water per person per day. Always remember to eat perishable food first if long term power failures are likely.
C.A basic first aid kit.
D.A fire extinguisher.
E.Extra cash. ATM's will not function during power failures.
F.Personal hygiene and sanitation items.
G.A weather alert radio in countries that use them and / or a portable, battery powered with a hand crank so it can be charged.
H.A battery pack or solar charger for your cell phone.
I.A whistle for signaling rescuers or family members. Establish your own family's unique signal.
J.Dust masks.
K.Manual can opener.
L.Tools to shut off power, water or gas.
M.Hard copies of phone numbers. If your cell phone will not power on, you will still have important phone numbers.
N.Heavy duty gloves.

2. What features are important for a lighting tool during disaster?
Warren Faidley: You must select a dependable lighting tool, like Fenix. It should have durability, must be able to adapt to harsh conditions with a long lifetime. Of course, it should have several brightness levels to satisfy different demands, with search and SOS functions, and strong impact resistance and waterproof are also important.

3. According to your experience, which models of Fenix lighting are suitable for disaster using?
Warren Faidley: My personal favorite everyday light is the PD35. It's small but powerful. I like the Fenix TK22 for work because it's powerful and heavy duty. The TK51 is the light I keep in my car. It's good for search and rescue and signaling for help. Fenix headlamps are also great, like HP25 and HP15.

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