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Fenix 2nd Gear • Outdoor “Zero-distance” Communication Summit, “Cooperation, Listen and Development”

Publish Time:2013-12-04

 “Cooperation, listen and development” have always been the theme of Fenix’s advancement. Since the foundation of Fenix, we have always been keeping listening. Before developing an outdoor lighting product, Fenix will actively listen to the enthusiastic consumers and professionals’ opinions and suggestions. And that’s why Fenix products are now well-received to the global consumers. While Fenix Gear·Outdoor “Zero-distance” Communication Summit is just an important platform for Fenix to listen to the voices from outdoor professionals.    

 “Fenix 2nd Gear · Outdoor ‘Zero-distance’ Communication Summit & 8264·Summit Outdoor School Professionals Forums” was held from 25th to 27th, November in Shenzhen. The present guests were Sun Bin (principal of Summit Outdoor School), Li Zan, Zhao Xingzheng, Sun Tao (three coaches), A Suo, a director from the website, Field Army (network name), moderator of the gear page on the website。   

During the three days, the guests visited thelab and the product line through Fenix’s senior managers’ introduction, and got the whole picture of Fenix development history and its strict production and quality control system. Moreover, the guests experienced Fenix’s enthusiasm, unity and positiveness through the close interaction with Fenix staff. The guests are marveled at Fenix’s fast development in the past ten years and appreciate that Fenix as a home-made brand can keep innovating and ranks one of the world’s top outdoor lighting brands.   

During the meeting, the guests shared their using experience of Fenix products and offered valuable suggestions for Fenix products development. Principal Sun Bin shared his experience of climbingMount Everest, making us feel the colorful outdoor lives. While A Suo also introduced the development history and blueprint of During the three-day communication, the guests not only let Fenix staff further understand the development and trend of outdoor industry, but also brought new concept for Fenix future product development. In the coming year 2014, Fenix willlaunch a series of outdoor lighting devices that will bring the customers more perfect lighting experience. So let us look forward to it!  

A group photo of the guests

The guests are visiting Fenix product line

Principal Sun Bin is sharing his experience with the topic of “an ordinary man’sMount Everest”

A Suo is introducing the website and the development of outdoor industry

The guests are discussing with Fenix staff 

Interesting traversing along thebeachofXichong

Happy beach BBQ

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