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Fenix Donated Flashlights through American Red Cross for Post-disaster Rescue after Hurricane Sandy

Publish Time:2012-12-19

Hurricane Sandy devastated portions of East Coast in the United States from 28th to 30th, October, which caused great damage and loss to America and a big area without electricity. Fenix took an active part in helping and supporting the post-disaster rescue work-providing a batch of portable lighting tools for American Red Cross after Hurricane Sandy.
In the United States, people in the East Coast area suffered a lot from strong wind, heavy rain and storm as well as flood disaster due to Hurricane Sandy. The devastating East Coast storm and its aftermath that killed more than 113 people, destroyed whole communities in coastal New York and New Jersey, left tens of thousands homeless, crippled mass transit, triggered paralyzing gas shortages, inflicted billions of dollars in infrastructure damage and cut power to more than 8 million homes. Damage in the US is estimated at over $63 billion.

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